Simplified License Agreement


When you shop for images on We Sell Images, you buy a license to use our images. The images remain ours, and the copyrights to those images stay with us. An image-license is a binding, legal, document. We know hardly anyone reads through legal documents. That’s why we made it simple for you. If you wish to read through the full text, you can do so in the End User License Agreement

The do’s and don’t’s of our simplified license agreement

  • Use the image indefinitely

  • Use the image in any type of Media (website, presentations, youtube videos, brochures, leaflets, posters, etc)

  • Use the image for print up to print runs of 10.000 items

  • Use the image in online application, smaller than 960px Crop, modify or alter the image to your needs

  • Redistribute or give away the image to others

  • Resell the image or the image license to others

  • Publish the image in media uses which exceed 10.000 copies

  • Use the image(s) in online applications larger than 960px, and only at 72dpi

  • Use the same image license for more than one media use at the same time

 Note: If you do wish to redistribute, exceed the maximum print run, or use the image in more than one media type, you need to purchase an extended license!

  • Be used in mock-ups
  • Be used for selection and evaluation purposes

  • Use the watermarked image on your website or blog. Or in any other type of media, for that matter. So, please, don’t use it in your youtube videos, either!

  • Resell the image or the image license to others

  • Use the image in a defamatory way, nor in racist, sexist or any other negative way.

  • Use the image as part of a logo or trademark

  • Crop, modify and alter the image and claim the copyrights to the derived work

  • Use the models in a context which endorses a product, or personal view.

We take copyright infringement seriously. Although it’s not our business to police our images in use, we will enforce our rights to the full extend of the law if we discover an infringement of our copyrights.

Thanks for respecting our Copyrights and those of others!