Frequently Asked Questions

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What is stock photography?

Stock photography is a form of photography that supplies images for the stock market. Clients can buy licenses of these images to obtain the rights to use them for specific purposes. For what purposes the images can be used is specified in legal forms. The licenses to these images are sold by agents and stock sites.

What is symbiostock?

Symbiostock is a network of photographers and illustrators, each with their own individual sites selling stock imagery. These sites are networked together, so one search reaches out across the network, returning images or designs from several sites that match your search criteria … much like the image search features on popular search engines. We Sell Images is part of this Symbiostock network.

What are the advantages of Symbiostock?

Prices at Symbiostock websites are competitive because there is no middleman; you are buying directly from the artist. Think of it as “fair trade” stock images. There are no subscriptions or credits to purchase; you pay only for the images you need at the size you require.

Symbiostock sites offer images for all your creative projects, from websites and blogs to printed ad campaigns. Looking for  images? Got it. Exclusivity? Check. You want it, we have it.

Is the result of the search engine limited to one portfolio?

No, searching on an individual artist’s page will return results from that artist and many more from the network.

What does Royalty Free mean?

In Royalty Free or RF imagery means the buyer of the image doesn’t pay for the image in the form of royalties. The buyer buys a license in stead. After paying for the license, the user is free to use it again for another project without licensing it again. You can use it as often as you want as long as the use is within the end user license agreement.

What does Rights Managed mean?

Rights Managed or RM images are considered as the “traditional” way to purchase photography. The images are essentially rented from the photo agency or individual photographer and a price for a specific use is negotiated. An additional fee will be added to the cost of the image rental if it is used for any other purpose.

When purchasing rights managed images, the designer or agency is paying an extra cost to have the photographer or photo agency “manage” who has the “rights” to the image. This option provides extra comfort knowing that a direct competitor or any other industry won’t be plastering the same images on their campaigns.

What does Editorial mean?

Editorial Images are images that lack property or model release where one is needed. These images may not be used for commercial use.

How can I pay if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Paypal accepts all major creditcards and enables you to pay directly by creditcard.

Are your photos Model-Released?

For every image in which a human is visible or partly visible, a model release was signed.

Are your images Property-Released?

For every image where the use of a property-release is necessary, a property release was signed

What size should I buy?

As you probably have noticed, we sell different sizes of images. What size is most suitable for you depends on the intended use of the image. For web use, the “web” and “medium” sizes are sufficient. The “large” and “very large” sizes are the standard for printed use.